If you Stay HERE You Will DIE

 I truly get excited when I realize a loved one is entering a new phase.. It’s as if In the middle of a telephone rant I realize the struggle they are in is because God has “changed them”.. sorry sweetie but where you’ve been the last year or so is no longer enough.. so he’s making you uncomfortable. It’s truly amazing that when we find ourselves in a struggle we don’t fully commit to seeking an understanding deeper than the surface, we just want the pain to stop. Therefore the easiest way to “stop” the pain is to seek comfort in what you’ve already known yet for some reason there isn’t any comfort in the familiar. So you find yourself in those internal struggles.. u know the ones with the relationship that died b4 it even started. The guy that has potential but you just aren’t excited about investing in who he clearly isn’t ready to become. The moment when you realize that what someone else is offering, just isn’t enough.. It’s that pretty woman “I want the fairytale”  moment.. lol

It’s an extremely unique place when you find yourself uncomfortable where you’ve always been but yet you crave the comfort of the familiarity..

Pastor Toure Roberts said this past week
  “ Who YOU are is ALWAYS ahead of you.. The familiar is your greatest enemy”

I remember how terrified my mom was that I would Move back to Baltimore once I left.  She was excited 2c me, she cooked all my favorite food but, she always tried to create something for me to look forward to when I came back so that I would be more comfortable leaving. Back then I was thinking dag, does she not want me home.. But, years later i'm able to recognize how she could have handicapped me and stunted my growth by not pushing me to go back to NY even when I had tears in my eyes, lol.. (as my eyes swell up now, lol) You see I had {outgrown} Baltimore so my next step was to {grow into} NY.. I was capable but it took some growing and stretching

The reality is.. IF YOU STAY HERE, YOU WILL DIE!!

It’s that simple.. When God is preparing you for another level he begins your birthing process.. You must understand that those labor pains are indicative of the fact that you have now outgrown where you’ve been.. Your womb could have been a relationship, could have been a job, could have been a mindset, could have been a guilt you’ve carried.. but you must know that you can NO LONGER SURVIVE where you’ve been.. so the contractions are coming to push you into a new level a new life whether YOU think your ready or not God is inducing your labor. And your attempts to live and create a liaison of your future and your past, IT WON’T WORK… God is changing you on the inside and the longer you fight against what God is doing in you, the longer your labor will be.

NO SUGAR: Romans 8:29 confirms that God has predestined you to be conformed into the image of his son.. so somethings will have to DIE in you in order for God to LIVE through you. Sorry boo but a guy like him, a job like that will no longer FULL FILL YOU.. God's plan is predestined, so stop fighting his promise and walk away from, so that you can walk into!

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"The proof is in the sacrifice"


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